All About Me and My Blog :)


First I want to thank you for taking the time to read my bio. I am currently completing my certification to be a BirthWorks educator. (for more info on BirthWorks go to ) I have been actively learning about childbirth for 11 years. I was studying to work as a Doula, but realized it wouldn’t work with my family life right now. I have been thinking about BirthWorks for a few years, and waited for the right time to start the course. Im finally completing my certification and I am loving every minute of it!

For those that don’t know…BirthWorks offers expecting parents a class in which woman are empowered with the right attitude and taught the best coping methods and optimal pelvic positioning for birth. It also encourages the mothers birthing partner and educates them on their role in the birth. Birth is ancient, during birth you have to trust your body to do what it is meant to do.  Birth should be, and is a very powerful, beautiful, life changing experience. It should be something to look back upon and be awe over.

I am going to be 30 in a couple weeks and I have two children. My daughter is 11 and my son is 6. My births were very short. My daughter was delivered after 5 hours from the start of regular contractions, and my son was born after only 3 hours.  I listened to my body, I kept my body relaxed so my body could do what it needed to do, and I used imagery, vocalization and other coping methods to handle the pain in a natural and positive way. 

My reason to start this blog is a combination of a few things. First its for myself. The more I can share this information the better I will know the facts.  Since there is so many studies with new information this will keep me up to date on the latest info.  The second is to have a nice tool for , not only my clients, but for all expecting parents to look to as a resource for information. 

I am always available to answer question and would love your feedback  🙂

I look forward to this journey together and hope you find the information helpful and encouraging.