Obstetricians are trained in the care of pregnancy, labour and delivery, and the post partum period. I believe they are best suited to be utilized for those women who have higher risk pregnancies and/or labour and deliveries.
The obstetric branch of medicine views the process of pregnancy and birth as a series of potential problems and because of this view towards the whole process they are ready to intervene when things aren’t within the scope of a ‘normal’ pregnancy or labour and delivery. They can potentially inadvertently cause the problem they are looking for.
Obstetricians are also not as incline to share information and include the parents in decisions regarding care of the pregnancy, labour or birth. They view you as a patient who is in their care to be treated. And if they do pass on information it is generally delivered in a way to create fear of what can happen if you don’t do something they want you to do such as prenatal testing or medical intervention during labour.
Don’t get me wrong. I feel that Obstetricians save many lives and are fantastically skilled to handle any situation that may arise, but I also feel their care should be set aside for those with a higher risk pregnancy. For those that are healthy and are looking to have a natural labour and delivery and to be involved in their care it would be advisable to seek the care of a midwife.